Colorful Dresses

Strict dress codes of the modern times didn’t come until thousands of years later when people have forms societal structures and civilizations have flourished over time. The contemporary way of dressing is a result of the influence of many cultures and way of life of people from different parts of the world. There are differences in terms of clothing design for men and women.

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A dress, also known as a gown or a frock, is a type of clothing attire consisting of a skirt attached to a bodice so that it appears to be one piece garment. This kind of dress is considered to be women’s and girls’ clothing apparel. Dress designs are as varied as people’s preferences and tastes. There are long dresses, short dresses, colorful dresses, long sleeved dresses and many more.


Evolution of Dress

During the primitive times, people were believed to be comfortable naked because of their thick hair as the nearest relatives of apes, chimpanzees and gorillas and their home situated in the tropics. Due to the thick fur of the Pithecanthropus Erectus or the primitive man, their hair served as protection to the skin, regulation of body temperature and adaptation to their tropical environment which was commonly humid and hot. As time progressed, the basis of the primitive female when selecting a mate and the decision to carry the children of that particular mate was more prominent with the less hairy men. This has led to a new generation of smoother skin people and more structured way of living.

Factors that Influence Clothing

The progression of clothing took a slow development along with the changes of location, culture, climate and gender.

  • Location. People often travel in the olden time in search for food and better living conditions. The change in location has forced them to adapt to changing weathers as well. They have learned how to protect themselves by building houses and garments to protect their skin from the sun and give them warmth during cold season.
  • Culture. As people become more involved with other tribes and races, different behaviors emerged dominant to the other, making behavioral and cultural differences acceptable to certain groups of people. Civilizations have started to select their leaders and council of elders that decide the laws and rules of the society. With the developing of structure of the society also came the changes of the way people treat clothing distinctively acceptable for men and women.
    • Religion. In some cultures, the influence of religion has dictated the etiquette of clothing for men and women. Some types of clothing are only worn during certain religious activities and ceremonies.
    • Social Occasions. There is traditional clothing to wear for special social occasions. One of the most celebrated social events is the wedding. Some cultures would allow only white dress for the bride while other cultures permit colorful wedding dresses for the bride, the guests and the entourage.
    • Social Status. The kind of clothing also indicates status or rank in the society. There are certain clothing styles that only the leaders and people in high ranking positions can wear.
  • Climate. Each region has different environment conditions. This has paved the way to reinvent clothing that would suit the weather of the place they live in.
  • Gender. Traditionally, pants and trousers are for the masculine gender while dresses and skirts are vehemently associated to the female gender. Clothing designers compete in making breakthrough designs that are wearable and acceptable to the modern class of people from all walks of life.


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Contemporary Clothing

Dresses and men’s clothing designs and the decision to wear them in certain occasions are influenced by many factors. The modern style of clothing is more freeing, more colorful and more liberating compared to dresses of previous era. Fashion trends may be repeating and reinvented many times over but there are fresh ideas considered as Avant-garde designs or designs that have never been created before.

Tips in Wearing Colorful Dresses

Colorful dresses are part of the present-day style of clothing that signifies a vibrant personality and sometimes referred to as high fashion dress. Not everyone can pull off a colored dress.  There are some dressing rules especially in wearing vibrant colored dresses.

  • Choose a dress color that complements you skin tone and color of your hair. Some colorful clothing may not play well in blending with the color of your skin and hair.
  • When choosing your shoes, choose a color that matches your dress and not compete with it. Wear neutral colored shoes when you have glittery and sparkling dress. Black shoes for bright colored dresses.
  • Consider the dominant color of the dress when you match your shoes with it. If you are wearing a multi patterned and colorful prom dresses, determine the majority of the color and wear the shoes that complement the color hue.
  • Colorful maxi dresses have been one of the most popular dresses in the modern fashion trends. These dresses are best when paired with flat sandals, ballet shoes or wedges.
  • Go easy with your accessories. These colorful dresses are already bold and loud to look at because of their screaming mixture of vibrant colors. Adding more bling and glittery accessories will compete with the dress.


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Function and Purpose of Clothing

Clothing functions primarily as a protection of the body from different weather conditions. It protects the skin from sun burn during very hot days and keeps the body warm during very cold days. Eventually, function and purpose has evolved through the years. Different clothing could signify different meanings in the society. There is specific clothing that is used in certain activities and society has double standards on men and women’s manner of clothing at certain functions and public events. The kind and style of clothing you wear also display the level of confidence you portray to the world.

Color and Personality

Colorful dresses bring out a woman’s disposition in life. Colors could mean dynamism and life. Anyone with a vibrant and light hearted personality inside would surely radiate his or her emotions to the way they dress. In the study of human behavior and societal influences, psychologists have observed and found out in their studies the association of different personalities to the choice of colors and how colors affect people in so many ways. The choice in the kind of clothing design and style will vary much in the behavior and personality of the wearer. The more serious types of people would opt for more solid and darker hues while the more free spirited people would choose to wear color hues appealing to the eyes. Some days are gloomy; people would also wear clothing with colors associated with gloominess and depression. When the sun is out and scorching, people would also wear lighter colors that are associated with summer and spring that which are filled with different colors that can easily be observed around them.

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The next time you go out or go online for dress shopping, consider getting yourself colored dresses and see how colors affect your mood when wearing them. Don’t forget to also wear a smile when you wear these fabulous dresses. No style of dress will make you look pretty if you don’t bring out that beautiful heart and personality inside you.